Picture it if you can

We are deep into the dog days of August. Upstate New York has been miserable. Hazy. Hot. Humid. And work is being a lot of work. My projects are stagnant. On all fronts I'm waiting for someone else to move things along.

So after a particularly frustrating Monday we hit the road. Forty-five minutes after walking out of the office I found myself floating in a clear lake ringed by green mountains, looking up at searing blue sky. For an hour I floated—letting the water lap at me. I alternated between stretching my joints and letting my body totally relax into the water. I did some yogic breathing. And I regrouped.

Around me ducks and a loons bobbed. Across the lake a half dozen kayaks paddled. Several adults swam laps. Kids played at the shore. Families could be seen walking the trails.

And I just floated.